Why Outsource?

Keep Fixed Costs Low

Outsource Your Warping

Warping is an integral part of processing fabrics for a variety of applications, but the process of warping can place an unnecessary burden on you and your production team. On top of having to cover the costs of the machine and technicians that operate it, most warping machines are highly specialized for a limited array of applications.

If you don’t have a sectional warper, need additional production capacity, or don’t have the equipment or expertise to run a certain material, outsourcing your warping is an effective way to keep costs low while ensuring you receive a high quality product. By outsourcing you save valuable production space that you can use for value-adding processes, you avoid the costs associated with technically skilled employees, and you can ultimately return your saved money to where it counts most.

Rely On The

WarpTek Team

With over 15 years of experience warping fibers for a wide range of applications, WarpTek has the expertise and technology to take warping off your hands. We work with nearly all materials except for wire and carbon, and we’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We also strive to alleviate common frustrations in the supply chain process by managing inventory, calculating yarn quantities, optimizing production strategies, and arranging & supporting shipments.

Warptek celebrated our 20th year anniversary in 2022!