Sectional Warping for

Industrial Fabrics

Unique textiles are needed for a wide range of industrial applications, from erosion control to heat shielding, which is why you need a fast and cost-effective way to warp fabrics for further processing. Whether you don’t have a sectional warper, need additional production capacity, or don’t have the equipment or expertise to process a certain material, outsourcing your warping to a skilled and multifaceted team is an ideal solution.

At WarpTek we’ve helped numerous industrial clients meet their warping needs, providing a consistently high quality product with limited downtime. Explore our technical specifications below and learn about some of the products we’ve made for industrial clients in the past.

Technical Specifications

  • Our creels accommodate up to 912 bobbins
  • We process yarn from 30 Denier up to 5600 Denier 2 ply
  • We can run all materials except wire and carbon
  • Warping width up to 3800mm
  • Maximum beam tension 15000N

Industrial Fabrics We’ve Warped For

  • Polyester yarns for geotextiles
  • Fiberglass and ceramic fibers for heat shields
  • Polyester yarns for splicing tapes
  • Monofilaments for filtration fabrics
  • PVC coated polyester for coated fabrics
  • Spun aramids and polyester yarns for belting
  • Lycra® and Viscose yarns for specialized industrial applications
  • And More...

Ready to Outsource Your Industrial Warping?

If you have any questions, want to learn more about our industrial warping capabilities, or would like to receive a quote, please contact Tom Phillips by phone 864.463.5476 or email.
Warptek celebrated our 20th year anniversary in 2022!