Sectional Warping for

Consumer Fabrics

Countless consumer products require processed textiles, but the costs associated with owning and operating a warping machine are quite high. You have to account for the energy, space, and labor needed to run the machine, which often aren’t justified by the value of warping consumer fabrics.

Whether you don’t have a sectional warper, need additional production capacity, or don’t have the equipment or expertise to process a certain material, outsourcing your consumer warping to a seasoned team ensures you receive the processed fabrics you need in a timely fashion. In addition, you don’t have to increase your fixed costs or slow down the rest of your production team.

At WarpTek we’ve helped numerous consumer clients meet their warping needs, processing a wide range of fabrics while keeping costs low. Explore our technical specifications below and learn about some of the products we’ve made for consumer clients in the past.

Technical Specifications

  • Our creels accommodate up to 912 bobbins
  • We process yarn from 30 Denier up to 5600 Denier 2 ply
  • We can run all materials except wire and carbon
  • Warping width up to 3800mm
  • Maximum beam tension 15000N

Consumer Fabrics We’ve Warped For

  • Cotton, as well as spun and texturized polyester, for rugs
  • Texturized polyester for upholstery
  • PVC coated polyester for lawn furniture
  • Lycra® yarns for specialized apparel applications
  • And More...

Ready to Outsource Your Consumer Warping?

If you have any questions, want to learn more about our consumer warping capabilities, or would like to receive a quote, please contact Tom Phillips by phone 864.463.5476 or email.
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